Cost of Courses and Materials Fees 2018

The tuition for all 5 day group classes is:

Tuition Materials Fee   Tax   Total
$700.00     $75.00 $55.22 $830.22

Total cost for 1 person per day is $166.05

Class size is limited to 3 students. Workshops will definitely run if there are fewer students.

Once a group workshop is advertised as a group class if it is not fully enrolled the charges will stay the same and the workshop will be held with fewer students. If there is only one student registered for a workshop the daily hours may be reduced or the student may be given the choice of signing up for a workshop given on different dates with more students. In the event of an unexpected emergency at the school 30 day notice will be given to students enrolled in a workshop and a full refund will be given. A deposit of one half of the amount of the tuition is payable upon registration. The balance of the tuition is due 30 days before the class date. Students can cancel workshop attendance without penalty 30 days before the workshop begins. Registration guarantees a place in a workshop and may prevent other students from occupying that place. Cancellations that take place within the 30 days before a class will be evaluated considering enrollment and a partial refund or rain check may be issued at the discretion of the school. Once a workshop is booked and begins there will be no refunds.

The materials fee will cover use of tools, equipment and general supplies like saw blades, drill bits, emery paper and polishing supplies, and things needed for soldering, etc. Students do not have to bring tools or buy special materials for workshops. Part of the materials fee will go toward metals used during the workshop including copper and silver. Because of the increase in the cost of precious metals there may be an additional fee charged if projects exceed the amount allowed for metals used. If students choose to make larger projects that exceed that amount they will be advised that there will be an additional charge. At that time the design can be adapted to stay within the limit if it is an issue. Materials available during workshops must be used during the workshop and students can not start multiple additional projects with silver to be finished after the class is over. Stones and gold will not be included in the material fee. A larger materials fee may be owed if more silver is used. Students will be informed of the amount before the project begins. Because of the larger expense involved in teaching lapidary , students should be aware that there may be an additional fee for heavy use of equipment.

In Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque there are many suppliers that can provide stones, materials and tools. It usually takes a day to ship things to Taos and students will have an option to do special orders. Be prepared with a credit card and tax number if you have one so that you can place an individual order. Most materials and metals used during the class are covered by the materials fee but students often find they enjoy taking advantage of the supplies and stones available here that may not be easily accessible in other places.

When time is available students can book individual study classes or small group classes with friends. Charges for individual study classes are quoted below and may vary according to topic, length of the workshop and time of year. The rates indicated are meant to be a guideline. Interested students are advised to check availability of dates and ask for a definite rate quote; call 575–758–0207. Also check guidelines listed in Course Description section.

Tuition for One Student Individual Study

Type Tuition Materials Fee Tax   Total
One Half Day $112.50     $15.00 $9.08 $136.58
One Day $225.00     $15.00 $17.10 $257.10
Two Days $450.00     $30.00 $34.20 $514.20
Three Days $675.00     $45.00 $51.30 $771.30
Five Days $1125.00     $75.00 $85.50 $1285.50

The instructor is there to be helpful and demonstrate techniques, give advice on design, provide detailed knowledge about techniques and information acquired over many years in the field of jewelry making, and assist when students have technical problems. If students require more and do not want to do much work on projects themselves and only want to watch demonstrations and have the instructor make their finished pieces of jewelry for them they are advised that they must take the demonstration only individual study at a higher rate.

Tuition for One Student for Special Demonstration Only Individual Study Workshop

Tuition Materials Fee   Tax   Total
$2000.00     $75.00 $147.84 $2222.84

Rates for groups of more than one student will be less than a one student individual study and are quoted directly when inquires are made.