Cost of Courses and Materials Fees 2020

Tuition for One Student Individual Study

Type Tuition Materials Fee Tax   Total
One Half Day $112.50     $15.00 $9.08 $136.58
One Day $225.00     $15.00 $17.10 $257.10
Two Days $450.00     $30.00 $34.20 $514.20
Three Days $675.00     $45.00 $51.30 $771.30
Five Days $1125.00     $75.00 $85.50 $1285.50

Tuition for Group Study

Type Tuition Materials Fee Tax   Total
One Half Day $70.00     $15.00 $6.06 $91.06
One Day $140.00     $15.00 $11.04 $166.04
Two Days $280.00     $30.00 $22.09 $332.09
Three Days $420.00     $45.00 $33.13 $498.13
Five Days $700.00     $75.00 $55.22 $830.22

The school will not offer advertised group classes on specific dates this year. Instead there are several other ways to book classes available at various prices. These changes provide quite a bit of flexibility in ways to plan a workshop including a variety of cost options. Please read the description below and call or write to ask questions.

If a student chooses to come alone and sign up for individual study the One Student Individual Study rates will be charged. If there are 2 students the Group Rate will be used.

Because a student in an individual study workshop gets all the teacher’s attention, more personalized questions and information can be covered than in a group class. If a student is on a budget, the hours can be reduced so that a class costs less. This can benefit a student who wants to visit local attractions and likes to have more free time. There are two ways to reduce costs and accomplish the same things covered in a longer class. During a week long workshop the number of hours can be reduced daily by starting later or finishing earlier. Another option might be to attend class for 3 instead of 5 days.

If cost is an issue, plan to come with a friend. If there are two students, a 5 day class would be offered at a group rate. Prices are indicated on the group rate list for week long classes and shorter workshops lasting fewer days. In some cases if inquires are made by two students who want to study the same thing, occasionally it may be possible to join another student and study the same week in order to book at a group rate. If you have questions about how this works please contact the school for a more complete explanation.

Lapidary Classes

Costs will be quoted directly when an inquiry is made. The tuition will depend on what each student wants to accomplish and their skill level. Because lapidary equipment is expensive and things need to be replaced at a greater cost, tuition and material’s fees will vary.

The instructor is there to be helpful and demonstrate techniques, give advice on design, provide detailed knowledge about techniques and information acquired over many years in the field of jewelry making, and assist when students have technical problems. If students require more and do not want to do much work on projects themselves and only want to watch demonstrations and have the instructor make their finished pieces of jewelry for them they are advised that they must take the demonstration only individual study at a higher rate.

Tuition for One Student for Special Demonstration Only Individual Study Workshop

Tuition Materials Fee   Tax   Total
$2000.00     $75.00 $147.84 $2222.84

Rates for groups of more than one student will be less than a one student individual study and are quoted directly when inquires are made.